Monday, March 28, 2011

So-Cal Winning

Where do I start this post.....

Alright, so first off I guess I lost to Paul Mach in the cyclist Blog off.. But I do want to thank Rand Miller for his continued support.

But the most exciting part of my weekend was watching my teammate take the yellow jersey and overall win at San Diams stage race.

Nick Newcomb won the 3.8mile Hill Climb up Glendora mountain road by 1second. After some dangerous moves went and came back in the road race he and I were both in the lead group making the 40 man selection. A few laps later I lead him out for a bonus sprint to increase his overall lead.

Going into the final days criterium he had a 3 second Gap on second place. I rode the front at a steady tempo keeping it strung out and safe on the very narrow course.But in the closing laps Nick got caught up behind a crash, I sat up and waited for him as Alec (another teammate) Drug him to my wheel. With 2 laps to go I was drilling it in the gutter trying to get Nick back to the front, and with half a lap to go my job was done.

Nick Kept the jersey taking his first overall win of the season. It was a great weekend of racing and nothing is better than walking away with the victory.

Up next is Apple pie Where I hope to grab my final upgrade points.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Looking Back / Ahead..

I would first like to thank Paul Mach for mentioning me in most recent blog post, It means a lot. But it is true, I am a very social/popular person. So popular that I almost have more fans than Paul Mach and Max Jenkins combined!

Both of these guys are amazing both on and off the bike. I want to thank both of them for letting me tag along on their rides because suffering on their wheels has made me who I am today!

Next months race schedule:
April 3rd - Apple Pie Crit
April 16th-17th - Sea otter Classic
April 23rd - Copperopolis Road Race

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

You only turn 19 once!

This race is known for bring out some strong numbers and riders not to mention the voice of USA cycling Dave Towle.

Well this race was honestly a last minute decision on my part. I was unsure of what to do on my birthday, But with a little convincing from my buddies I decided why not go to a bike race and try for the big WIN.

The race course for this year was a little different from years past, shortening the course by about half a mile I would say. This course was P shaped with a U-Turn at the far end of the course with about 700 meters to go.

No matter how big the race is there is always a mad dash to the start line. I waited a little to long after they called us up, but still managed a front row start with a little skill and sweet talking they let me in.

This was a 36 lap race so I was a little concerned when the pace was blistering right off the bat. I Rode around the group trying to stay relaxed as a small group of three slipped away early on with hopes that a team with numbers would bring it back later in the race.

About 10 lap into there was a reshuffle in the break, 2 of the same guys from earlier (The Clement Brothers) and Viatjoski and myself. We all seemed to be working well until Dave (the announcer) called out a $75 prime.The NOW MS rider (D. Clement) attacked, I covered it quickly as we railed it into the 180 degree turn. with 300 meters to go he unleashed a Savage sprint and I sat up and rode back into the field.

With about 20 laps to go the break had once again been re-shuffled. With the two brothers and A Teni-Duro kid dangling at about 20 seconds off the front. I sat on my hands buying my time with my fingers crossed that we would get organized soon.

But with 14 laps to go the group of 3 was still off the front hold strong at 20 second. Team Specialized began to get nervous and with 12 to go the went to the front and drilled it for about two laps. But that didn't seem to dent the lead. Coming out of the U-turn I could see everyone was tired and thought I would try and make it across.

I jumped and heard the crowd screaming as I rode by with my head down getting ready to enter the pain cave. I could see the group just making the turn ahead of me, and we were once again approaching the 180. I took it a little hot and rode all the way to the curb and made the junction. As we crossed the start finish line Dave Towle went crazy yelling out "TAPLEY HAS MADE THE JUNCTURE, WHAT A RIDE TO JUMP ACROSS ALONE!"

A few laps later a small group of 3 made connection with us. As we saw 2 to go I knew I had to save a little energy for the sprint yet still continue working so we didn't get caught. Coming across the line for the Bell lap I was sitting at the back just watching everyone knowing who could out sprint me. Going into the U-Turn Clement drilled it but nobody was gonna let him get away. I moved up to forth wheel and the sprint started. I just could come around anyone and took 4th place.

I was later told by a friend that Dave Towle Picked me for the win out of our 7 man break , So I say he jinxed me! haha

In the end we still had a 16 second gap on the chasing field. I was really happy With the result and showed that I am ready for Madera this coming weekend!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Not what I was expexting

race:Dinuba criterium
cat: elite 3
field: ~30
teammates: n/a

So after two hard days of racing I was pretty tired, but high off the teams success I decided to race a third day.

The course was shaped like a fat L, with a dip in the road at about 300meters to go and a massive tail wind sprint. The weather was nice and the field was the same size it had been all week. I started off just riding around the top 15 guys until some how, a guy overlapped wheels and crashed himself out. I decided it was time to move up and about mid way through the race I began to feel the last two days.

With 3 to go I was sitting comfortably in the top 10 just buying my time. When we came around for the bell lap I was sitting second wheel, a little further to the front then I wanted but still great positioning. The guy on the front had two teammates behind me so I had my fingers crossed he was gonna drag me all the way to the line. But with two turns to go he sat up and a group of 7 guys came shooting by me on the left. I jumped in behind them and out of the final turn I couldn't come around anyone.

It was nice to see that after two solid days of racing, I could still ride hard at the front. It was a great weekend for us as a team and I can't wait for Madera.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Getting ready!

I'm getting ready for what should be a fun weekend in Fresno with my teammates. The weather looks to be epic and my legs feel good so we shall see how the race place outs for us.

Check me out on twitter for more through out this season !

Friday, February 11, 2011

Whats Next

Well I didn't quite have it last weekend at Cherry Pie, but that's racing for you. I am taking this week off to prepare for our team camp (part 2) which will be held in Fresno, combined with Pine flats and Cantua creek road races. I have not had the chance of doing either of these races, and I am looking forward to riding with guys in what will be our first TEAM race of this season.

After that we have two stages races (Madera & San Dimas) in March that we will be contending as a team followed by some local criteriums.

That's all I have for now.. Check out my Twitter for more updates!