Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jesse clinic

Man was it cold in the morning.With lots off people i didn't know there i was worried who i would get paired up with for the drills.But threw the fog i saw Bruno and knew i was now safe from sketchiness.There were a lot of fun drills that Jesse and Tyler showed us. Most of it being review and practice and other things that i didn't even think about doing,like opening the cap to your water bottle when feeding so it doesn't hit your riders hand hard and fall and so if it does fall the riders can run right over it no problem.The Sumo fight and wheel sanding was the most fun.My dad crashed twice in the grass trying to pick his bottle off the ground.there were a lot of crashes in the wet grass but threw the hysteria i stayed upright till the end of the freakin cold day!

Night ridi'n

Last night was cold and fast.There were 8 guys on the Freund Family ride so we had a nice draft.The ride was fast as usual .We hit the hill and i was on the front once again.Andreas,Roland,Alex and Doug drove the pace.I sat at the back recovering from my hard pull at the start.I got dropped once again at the final steep part .once at the top i put on my vest and head down the climb.A car was coming up the hill and i was flying past someone.I got around the car but forgot about the turn and went in to hot.I did a TDF save and rode into the gravel and stayed upright.Despite the laughter and cold face it was a good ride and would recommend it to anybody who wants to be fast.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Another day in the saddle

Today i rode for 3.5 hours with El Gigante & Staz up to steel canyon and back. The whole ride we were taking layers on and off.The weather is not great but its do able.The best part was the descent were we couldn't go fast than 40 mph before thinking about becoming a human Popsicle .I Won the Climb to Brasstown Bald and Staz dominated the downhill sprint in his 12.The ride seemed long but all in all we had a great time joking around and trying to pass the time.I wish we had a team care with heaters ,drinks and warm fresh clothes to give and take!Something like this so my pockets aren't so full i cant carry any food!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Arrrg where is there any time

This year is my junior year and its no walk in the park.In between School and work i still find time to ride my bike.To get that time in it sometimes comes in the cold package of night!I rode with Andreas and little Alex yesterday and man was it cold.I thought i was overdressed but the boys had as much clothing as me ,2 layers and knee warmers and i had shoe warmers on to.With fog every 2 minutes and the cold wind i still had fun climbing The "colte de Cantellow" at night.I cant wait for the time change so i don't have to use a light and lug it around every ride.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Movie Releases

I have made 2 movies and I'm ready to release 1 real soon.The Second movie is in production and i cant wait to finish it.The first one is a unique trip to San Fran. where we skidded down steep hills and rode across the golden gate bridge . good times!The second one I'm keeping under wraps .But many Juniors are involved in the movie!Its good bonding for us as a team being on the bike but just having fun.
I'll be sure to keep you guys updated on the progress.
If you want to be involved there are many part that need to be filled .Just shoot me a comment or give me a call !
Behind the Scenes:

Crazy bikes

This is the future of cycling as we know it!!
Cool rims 20 in

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Big Chance at TOC

This year I have a unique chance to race in the tour of California stage 2 circuit in Davis . There will be a crit. in Davis where stage 2 starts this year open to juniors and women .This will hopefully bring national talent to Davis .Personally that is now a targeted race for me and the junior team.with this big of a race so early that would be a good way to kick off the season !

Riding With Pros

So Ive been riding a lot more than last year at this time and Ive had the chance to ride with a couple of pros recently.These guys are fast and we've been doing about 70 plus miles each ride up and down hills .So they aren't paid pros but they are categorized pros .Chris ,Zach and I have been riding like crazy and i can feel it.The best part is having someone to ride with threw the long cold days.Chris,Zach and I have had some good times together and thats just some of many to come with the speed we are going now !!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Beating Up Masters

Today's Wheelworks ride was cold and i was surprised to see that there was a large group of people ready to ride.The juniors were well represented with Alex w,Alex f,Zach , Andreas and I. My only goal for today was dish out as much pain to the masters as i could.DBC juniors took 1,2,4 in the first sprint. the ride to cantellow was good and a small break dangled in front of the pack.Alex and Zach set me up like Sartre from csc on the climb and i rode away with a group of 5. Near the top i was going hard and Fred had cracked and i was in the cave.I cracked right before the end and finished behind o the other three.But the mission was successful since i cracked and beat DBC master FWS .

Crazy Adventures

So Alex,Chris,Zach and I went to Rock ville park to experience some fun. The weather was cold and very very wet.Every pedal stroke threw mud into your face.We rode some sweet trails and had a lot of fun slipping and falling in the mud.We rode around for about 3 hours looking for insane trails .The rain never seemed to stop and on are way out of the park we were covered in mud with shoes full of water and formally white shorts now black.We realized when cleaning off that none of us had brought a towel and rode back muddy wet and laughing about the day.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Races Are Won Here!

As Johan said,"people don't see this, this is where the races are won ,riding in the rain."And that's exactly what Staz , Zach and I did pounding it out in the rain ."Winter is always better" Zach said on the way back today soaking wet. These are the best of times !!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

winter is a comming

The weather is defiantly colder than a few days ago .Its time to bring out all the gear for the old chilly afternoons.Rolling off in Mike Sayers old team kit

Saturday, October 11, 2008

If you dont like the cold

If you hate the cold and stay inside to ride the trainers with the heater on full blast. these will allow you to ride outside with the warmth of the heater.

parker sent me this on facebook what great training gear huh?

Winter is only for the strong!

Today was the annual wheelworks Saturday race ride.Today the gruppeto was stacked. Brandon Trafton was there and so was Keith hillier from mad cat cycling team .The pace was fast in the 20 mph cross/headwind .the croup split up quick and guys were shelled like crazy.Little Alex Freund won all three sprints.the hill is where all maters and me and Keith dulled it out as he dropped me on the final steep part of the climb.I worked breaks and attacked several time to string it out for the sprint.This was winter training at its best in the cold wind blowing you from side to side.

well better now than later

Well this week i rode out to the wheel works tt with my boss Joe.Afterward the tt i rode to Zach s bike to get my school bike. on the way there i hit a double big ass pothole and swept me to the ground.not fun. fortunately Zach didn't laugh at me as i made fun of my self for crashing 3 blocks from home.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Stage 3

Wow.What a great course . A 1.3 mile circuit with a uphill and a hairpin turn.The race was fast with the help of the masters who strung it out.I sat on Bruno's wheel the entire race wile j.Hall and J.Snoves just ahead.The other Justin moved me up with 2 to go and saved me from this horrible crash.Aj wasn't so fortunate,he ran over a guys wrist and Fred was stuck behind. With 1 lap to go i was on brunos wheel with the lead out train a chugging.Last corner on the uphill with about 500 to go 2 guys jumped and the sprint we3nt shortly after.I endeed up 9th in the circuit and 4th in the GC ,3 points off 3rd.Thanks for all the help and all the support without the teams help this wouldnt have been possible. Thanks Everyone
Sincerely , TAPS (premie)

Stage 2

Stage 2 was a crit on a flat fast course.The ref. let all the juniors go early which was dumb.I set out all the rotations and held my own at the front. i saw aj 8 laps in and asked him to move up now in the top ten i found the GC leader (Joey Galloway ) and marked him the rest of the race. Aj and i went thought on the last lap 1st and 2nd wheel aj had been to close to the front for to long and had no gas and I was left to my own devices.A small gap opened up around 2 corners to go and a metro mint guy set up in front of me and we were bumping at the curb. By the time i came around i had just beat Joey "The Galloping"Galloway in the sprint for 16th . A okay day but the guy that won the crit. had gotten 7th in the tt and was not on my watch list . well now he is.Aj had a great ride and helped me move up several times when it got slow .Thanks bud.

last lap dig by Aj with me on his wheel and the eventual winner in 4th

Friday, September 12, 2008

My Dad's New Tattoo

Here it is tell me what you think?

Stage 1

The opening stage was a 10 mile tt with 3 hills or steep rollers .The ride was good at 26 on the way out with a nice cross wind.I caught my 30 second man 2.5 miles in and my 1 minute man before the turn around . the way back felt like a headwind . But photographer Mark Adkisons cheers made me want to go faster .I after passing him i felt a little sick and was spitting up bits of my junk.I finally passed my minute and a half man before the 1 mile to go sign.i finished with 24:04 for fourth place and AJ was not far behind with 24:27 using my tt helmet and front aero wheel.I think Torey took the juniors but left before the result were posted , don't blame him it was 2 and a half hours before any results were posted .Good job DBC juniors .(Pictures coming soon)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

GoodBye to our beloved coach !!

Steve is departing from the team and he has done so much for Davis junior race team.when i first rode my bike with Steve it was 15 miles a hour on the old country road which felt like forever.With his support and input i am who i am today.A loyal , strong and willing member of the DBC Junior Team.

Thanks Steve .
We'll miss you

Benicia Criterium

So i thought that this would be a day to take the sprint to Aj and give him his first Dub.Before the start Brandon Crashton and Howard showed up .with it being a 15-18 crit. i knew it would be fast .Brandon kept attacking and Howard was blocking the field. I let others chase stuff down .mid race there was a small but hard crash .A kid from Swift tried to flick Snoves to take his wheel and missed and with his momentum flung himself onto the ground and taking Snoves down with him.Snoves got back in and with one to go it slowed down with Howard out and Crashton on the front going into the hill i opened it up so Snoves didn't lose position. with 300 or 250 to go Sam Bolster went off and won the field sprint and snoves got fifth.

last time up : Snoves on my wheel mid crit :

Dunnigan hills road race

Well the race wasn't easy .Early on we set Alex off the front with two swift kids .Andreas and I began the blocking and no one was chasing. Andreas and I kept trying to cover all the moves that went up the road when Allister slipped away.Swift couldn't shut it down so Andreas attacked and was brought back and I countered and broke away.I saw a guy from swift was more than half was across and the pack wasn't chasing so i eased off and let him on but half a mile later Andreas came by me and we got on his wheel .NOW a group of three we tried to chase Allister down. on the descent we caught him and left him in the dust.Remember were 4-6 on the road the three are still away and have a 2 minute gap over us and 5 on the pack.Near the finish on the cross tailwind section we were hauling , but as we turned over the bridge we fanned out 3 wide looking at each other.Andreas lead it out and Cambell started the sprint.Andreas came around him and i finished on Andreas wheel.Alex F. took the win out sprinting the two swift boys and Andreas 4Th,I got6Th and Aj finished top ten .

Friday, August 29, 2008

TT's are the worst

ever since my email was passed around i have been harassed by people about my tt abilities .with the season ending on the new Buckley course i have yet to break the 23 minute marker there .this week i was back at 24:40 on a windy but more of a suckish day.with night closing in on the race ride and tt i hope that it will haappen soon. (before im 17)

The End Is Near

with the season coming quickly to an end im in search of a win. ill be putting the cards down Sunday and Monday to see how the team will assist me .For the road race Andreas , Alex and Snoves will join me in the journey of "Done no hills road race."on Monday me and Snoves have hope of a podium and with his sprint and my final lap speed and attacks we will see how it will all unfold.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Start Of Something New

This maybe a familiar phrase to you.... yes , no ? Okay this is from high school musical and it has reminded me of how much the team and i have improved through out the season.Lets recap this year for ya. lets just get to the good stuff , Alex breaks his collar bone on a Jesse planed ride . Cody works hard with Robby to keep the race together for the team . Andreas finishes second in the field sprint getting beaten by Peter Taylor.Alex freund wins the road race 13-14s. Cody finishes 9th with Robby not far behind.Crits went well with Alex f. claiming a second title.Again Cody tries to keep the race together for a field sprint where Zach thinks he can win.Cody solos last 1.5 laps and is caught on one of the last corners and Zach gets robbed in the sprint and settles for second.Chris always finds the break but fought to hang on to Huffman wheel and dbc gets 2nd and 3rd .Alex f. gets all 3 titles this year and Andreas gets 2nd in the tt and Zach a little further down. Track districts were amazing when Again Alex F. claims another title making it four in one year . Andreas gets second and Cody gets fifth. Fourth of July ,Cody buries himself on the first lap for Alex to attack , The finish is one we shall not be reminded of .Nationals Zach tries for the crit but gets boxed in the sprint and finishes in the top 10.Alex wick gets sick and fights to stay race ready.Alex F. fishes second in the tt by one 10th of a second.and tried to go solo in the crit but failed.The road race went all right but Huffman screwed Taylor in the final part of the race.Zach getting crashed and Andreas getting pulled it was not the best of dbc races. With the season ending we have all the memories of these epic events . With most of the 17 -18 yr old guys gone it will be Zach and I representing . Next year I hope That we will have more stories to tell of even bigger battles and epic event .

Thanks for all the laughs and what a great season and we hope that will go out with a bang at Dunnigan !!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wrapping up the season

This weekend was abnormal for me. On Saturday i raced in Winters ad got 5Th but i was hopping for the podium when blunted by my teammates attack.Forcing me to sit back and let the podium spots drift away.But Sunday was the race i wanted to win .Warming up i knew my legs didn't fell super great. A few laps in I attacked and was solo for 5 laps and receiving a prime .After they caught me i worked hard to get off the front knowing i cant win a race in a field sprint.I bridged to a break that had been away for 3 laps and the guy was pretty much done but my solo bridge jump started the break.We stayed away for 3 more laps. 2 laps after they caught us i sprinted for a prime when at the last second a rider past me and took the prime.We rode 2 laps off the front and with 10 to go it was now for sure a field sprint. i kept getting jacked in the corners and couldn't hold my position.I just gave up and finished in the pack no need to crash out on the last lap mid pack.
solo with a nice gap mid race

TAPS steps to winning:
1) Stay near the front but not off the front.
2)conservation is the key
3)positioning in the final laps
Once i learn to properly execute these steps watch out for Taps in the closing laps just like i did at crit. districts .

Friday, August 15, 2008

Setting The Bar Higher & Higher

The usual Wednesday time trial was on my agenda and i brought teammate Snoves with me . As we rolled out from my house we both knew that today was not gonna be fun. The start sucked as my chain blew off and cossetted me 20 to 30 seconds .I caught Aj a mile and a half in and had all ready passed my 2 and a half minute man by the turn around .On the way back my legs weren't turning that big gear and after passing my 3 and a half minute man i sprinted to the finish.I ended up with 24:27 another PR but just shy of were i wanted to be.Aj finished strong but said he had a bad day .We all do , for instance take Cadels TT in this years tour( what a joke ).In the end it was just more miles to end the season tally .

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Masters Of The Sport

Fred , Jason E. , Jason S. , Alan , Chris , Carl , Mike , EOB , Brain , Steve N.All of these guys have made me who i am Today . All the hurt you guys put on me little body has paid off .
THANKS , your guys are truly the Masters

Double Weekend

On Saturday was a twilight crit called Carrera De San Rafael.The race started off fast with a field of 100 i was nervous. The field was destroyed on lap 1 and gaps were large.I took advantage of the situation and tried to establish a break .I took 5 guys with me and we poured on the gas .We were out in front 6 laps which felt like forever.I found Tim at front when being caught and set on his wheel . Two wheels back were Jason and Carl.I was setting good and felling great With 10 to go the field was down to just 40 some odd riders . With 3 to go i found Tim's wheel and we set comfortable in the pack . I realized that it was to fast and to late to move up anymore.I Finished 32nd and Tim finished 29th with Carl and Jason in the top 20 ( 3rd and 12th ) . The next day was Esparto a 18 mile individual time trial . The ride started off good and was surprised that my legs felt this good. On the way back the legs died and i Dropped speed .I finished 10th with a 48 time But i would have gotten 12th in the pro race but there were only 13 riders so i can only dream when i will race like those guys. All in all the weekend was good and I'm glad to here that the other juniors were showing DBC colors at Nats.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday Worlds

Today it was me and Stastny repin the juniors .the wind was brutal and tough. The way out was a 20 -22 mph tempo just trying to get to the turn around . I caught Emily foxman 2 miles in and caught my minute man on the way back not far after the turn around.I ended up with 24:49 which was 7 seconds better than my last PR. Even though it was winder i am really satisfied with the ride . Stastny got 23:3 something he was aiming for under 23 but the wind will get us every time.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

With Hopes And Dreams...

At the beginning of the season team director Steve wick put his hopes on me to win the Jr. point series and up hold the teams winning legacy. All hopes faded on the opening day of the seasons first race.It was at cherry pie crit were i realised that i had a problem. Throughout out this season i have fought with myself about really racing my bike.I have had the fear of risking it all to win which has show costly in my results.I am a domestic for my team captains Andreas f. in the road races and Zach w. in the crits .I can never seem to get a win for myself. With the help of my good fiend Andrew Wike(co-worker) My fitness has skyrocketed and so has my confidence .The point series has come and gone but it wasn't what i was really aiming for. My goal was to win criterium districts . but on that day being the loyal teammate i am i sacrificed myself for my team leader Zach. I was solo with 1 to go and got caught with 2 corners to go . Zach got 2ND and i finished 22ND with nothing left. Before that i also tried to win road districts but my attack was brought back by the jr. superstar Ryan Eastman My teammate Andreas got second in the Field sprint where i worked so hard to make sure Adreas had a Field sprint and he Had to do as little work as possible.I hope that one day i will have the fearless mentality and strength to be like the great teammates i have.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The rumor is true...

Recently a photo was released exposing me in a way that people may find offensive. The image is real and has not been edited in anyway . ABERCROMBIE & FINCH male model according to Andreas now that everyone knows my real job ... NO AUTOGRAPHS PLEASE !!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

State track champs.

So going into the event i knew it would be no easy task.The day started off well with a flying 200 meter tt for match sprint placings.I got matched up with Andrew Lanier Jr.( A proven track rider.) I knew i had to jump early but coming out of the last corner on his wheel i couldn't come around.Teammate Andreas freund advanced all the way to the finals where he battled with Daniel Farinha . I settled for 5Th in the match sprint when i knew it would be tough considering I'm not a sprinter.The next event was the scratch race Where Daniel Farinha lit it up with a 24 lap solo to win it. I tried to bridge the gap but blew up at about halfway. No one could stop him.With the crazy scratch race done we moved on to the points race where i though i would do good but once again it was all out me just hanging on and getting lapped by Andrew Lanier as did everyone else.The specialized team showed great teamwork while they together jumped back and fourth across the gap.The last event was the best . A standing 500 tt. I knew that my 5Th place was solidified but still i thought i would try for the W and see what happened. Third off and i thought i was flying.I was less than a second off the time of Andrew Lanier and about 2 seconds off the time of Tisdell with 43.67. In the end i finished 5th overall and Andreas finished second behind Daniel Farinha.But the most amazing ride was the one done by Alexander Freund who lit up the 13-14 yr old Field winning every event and beating track star Marcus smith to claim his fourth jersey .Brain Larson came for only one event and of course won that race which was the pursuit . But 17-18s Eddie Zhang fought with Nicholas Abal for the rest of the jerseys available.

Congrats guys and what an amazing day.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Vacaville Grand Prix

One day after the fourth me and a couple of the guys headed to Vacahill GP. The course is good and the Field was large . I warmed up for 45 - 50 minutes and rode the course with the team. As we got ready to start we waited 15 some odd minutes for the all clear on the course .From the gun it was fast . We dropped more than half the Field before the halfway point in the 16 lap crit.With seven to go i found my loyal teammate Aj snoves and told him its time to move up. We got right to the front in 3 laps and set there . Two laps to go i tapped Sherpa on the shoulder to let him know that the lead out plan was a go. .On the final lap i sat 1 guy behind Aj and off to my left was Sherpa .Around the sharp u bend safe and heading to the hill i got ready to make my move to the left through the turn . coasting threw the corner all aero like some guy shots under me and clips his pedal and slides into me . He takes me and only me down with him. I maneged to fall on him like a cushion and escape with very minor scratches and scrapes.all in all Aj did well beating his old man .

That W is elusive

Friday, July 4, 2008

The 4th

So the 32ND annual 4Th of July crit was amazing . my plan was to drill it from the go.So i did and held on the front for a lap and a half . I went straight to the back and just hung on for dear life. the Jr's was ruff . We got second and third so not a bad day but awfoshow was kinda pissed about the overall situation in the end .
The 4s race was a sketch fest with wild crashes and 8 wide 30 mile an hour turns . I finished 60th due to the fact that i didnt sack up and win the damn thing cause i had 2 teammates ready to lead me out within the closing laps.

On to VacaHill

Me and my big mouth

so anyways about a previous post my tt time came out to be 24:56 so i actually lost to Zach by 20 some odd seconds .
So My bad Zach and congrats by getting 24:16 this weekand .

Thursday, June 26, 2008

whats next for Taps

Well every other Wednesday there is a 10 mile solo TT that is hosted by the shop i work at (Davis Wheelworks ) . Whenever the TT is the team comes out to show up some adults . Usually my time is around the 25 range while people like Zach -23 ,Chris -23 and Andreas -22 minute times .with new teammate Aj Snovel out on the course i had but one goal and it was to set a PR (personal record).Half way through at the 5 mile marker i saw my dad as he yelled for me to go faster as i made the u turn and head into the cross tailwind .By then i had already past AJ and 3 others . But even the strong get past as Jane kinda strolled by me . When getting close to the line i was hoping than my time was good . In the end that i beat Zach by 3 seconds which was a phenomenal ride for me.With a time of 24:26 i was satisfied with Wednesday Worlds and my new PR.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Napa Grand Prix

Showing up 1 hour before my start and still having to do day of reg. it was a squeeze . I warmed up close to co-worker Sherpa (Tim) and headed off for roll out . the start was horrible, no one could see the ref. and she didn't even give a count down to the start . Lap one i set 3rd wheel and driftted back to fifth on lap 2. The second corner held up a large amount of riders cause some guy rolled his tubular . I was sitting mid pack at about 60 % and Sherpa was done and on the side lines . About 25 min into the 40 minute cirt. while sitting mid pack coming out of the p corner my rear der. cable snapped and i rushed to the pit. they clipped my cable and off i was pounding my hardest gear. with 1 lap to go i sat up and watched the big guys sprint it out as i finished 32Nd out sprinting a few guys even though i was pedaling at 40 rpms .( 75 rider Field )
a tough day with the final jr. point series race following it .


Well I started the day warming up with the wicks as usual . As i walked up the start ramp Jeff Wu and i mixed some words about the definition of pain cave ( dbcjrt code word) . As he counted off the final seconds . I rolled down the ramp and in the corner of my eye i saw my dad and other parents taking photos . I didn't fell all that great on the roller at the start but as the climb progressed i felt stronger and stronger . Before the first steep part i had already past my 1 minute man . By the halfway point i had basically caught everyone that started within 3 minutes of me . Right before the end , 500 meters to go some guy comes past me as i pass 2 girls on the left . No more than 4 minutes went by until teammate and eventual winner Andreas F. past the line with Teni Duros Adam Hodes on his wheel . Torey finished fifth and i finished 7th . Zach a man for the flats held on for 10th in this painful uphill TT. In the end my 29:53 time was only 1 minute and some seconds of the winner of the 15-16s .

A job well done for someone who at the start of the season struggled to hang on in a Jr. race of this stature


Welcome !!!
Hey, Im Cody Tapley or as known in the junior peleton Tap's or Tapinator. Here are the stories of my days in the saddle and as i struggle on to become a serious threat in the cycling world . ( Or In The Jr Pack )