Thursday, June 26, 2008

whats next for Taps

Well every other Wednesday there is a 10 mile solo TT that is hosted by the shop i work at (Davis Wheelworks ) . Whenever the TT is the team comes out to show up some adults . Usually my time is around the 25 range while people like Zach -23 ,Chris -23 and Andreas -22 minute times .with new teammate Aj Snovel out on the course i had but one goal and it was to set a PR (personal record).Half way through at the 5 mile marker i saw my dad as he yelled for me to go faster as i made the u turn and head into the cross tailwind .By then i had already past AJ and 3 others . But even the strong get past as Jane kinda strolled by me . When getting close to the line i was hoping than my time was good . In the end that i beat Zach by 3 seconds which was a phenomenal ride for me.With a time of 24:26 i was satisfied with Wednesday Worlds and my new PR.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Napa Grand Prix

Showing up 1 hour before my start and still having to do day of reg. it was a squeeze . I warmed up close to co-worker Sherpa (Tim) and headed off for roll out . the start was horrible, no one could see the ref. and she didn't even give a count down to the start . Lap one i set 3rd wheel and driftted back to fifth on lap 2. The second corner held up a large amount of riders cause some guy rolled his tubular . I was sitting mid pack at about 60 % and Sherpa was done and on the side lines . About 25 min into the 40 minute cirt. while sitting mid pack coming out of the p corner my rear der. cable snapped and i rushed to the pit. they clipped my cable and off i was pounding my hardest gear. with 1 lap to go i sat up and watched the big guys sprint it out as i finished 32Nd out sprinting a few guys even though i was pedaling at 40 rpms .( 75 rider Field )
a tough day with the final jr. point series race following it .


Well I started the day warming up with the wicks as usual . As i walked up the start ramp Jeff Wu and i mixed some words about the definition of pain cave ( dbcjrt code word) . As he counted off the final seconds . I rolled down the ramp and in the corner of my eye i saw my dad and other parents taking photos . I didn't fell all that great on the roller at the start but as the climb progressed i felt stronger and stronger . Before the first steep part i had already past my 1 minute man . By the halfway point i had basically caught everyone that started within 3 minutes of me . Right before the end , 500 meters to go some guy comes past me as i pass 2 girls on the left . No more than 4 minutes went by until teammate and eventual winner Andreas F. past the line with Teni Duros Adam Hodes on his wheel . Torey finished fifth and i finished 7th . Zach a man for the flats held on for 10th in this painful uphill TT. In the end my 29:53 time was only 1 minute and some seconds of the winner of the 15-16s .

A job well done for someone who at the start of the season struggled to hang on in a Jr. race of this stature


Welcome !!!
Hey, Im Cody Tapley or as known in the junior peleton Tap's or Tapinator. Here are the stories of my days in the saddle and as i struggle on to become a serious threat in the cycling world . ( Or In The Jr Pack )