Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday Worlds

Today it was me and Stastny repin the juniors .the wind was brutal and tough. The way out was a 20 -22 mph tempo just trying to get to the turn around . I caught Emily foxman 2 miles in and caught my minute man on the way back not far after the turn around.I ended up with 24:49 which was 7 seconds better than my last PR. Even though it was winder i am really satisfied with the ride . Stastny got 23:3 something he was aiming for under 23 but the wind will get us every time.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

With Hopes And Dreams...

At the beginning of the season team director Steve wick put his hopes on me to win the Jr. point series and up hold the teams winning legacy. All hopes faded on the opening day of the seasons first race.It was at cherry pie crit were i realised that i had a problem. Throughout out this season i have fought with myself about really racing my bike.I have had the fear of risking it all to win which has show costly in my results.I am a domestic for my team captains Andreas f. in the road races and Zach w. in the crits .I can never seem to get a win for myself. With the help of my good fiend Andrew Wike(co-worker) My fitness has skyrocketed and so has my confidence .The point series has come and gone but it wasn't what i was really aiming for. My goal was to win criterium districts . but on that day being the loyal teammate i am i sacrificed myself for my team leader Zach. I was solo with 1 to go and got caught with 2 corners to go . Zach got 2ND and i finished 22ND with nothing left. Before that i also tried to win road districts but my attack was brought back by the jr. superstar Ryan Eastman My teammate Andreas got second in the Field sprint where i worked so hard to make sure Adreas had a Field sprint and he Had to do as little work as possible.I hope that one day i will have the fearless mentality and strength to be like the great teammates i have.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The rumor is true...

Recently a photo was released exposing me in a way that people may find offensive. The image is real and has not been edited in anyway . ABERCROMBIE & FINCH male model according to Andreas now that everyone knows my real job ... NO AUTOGRAPHS PLEASE !!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

State track champs.

So going into the event i knew it would be no easy task.The day started off well with a flying 200 meter tt for match sprint placings.I got matched up with Andrew Lanier Jr.( A proven track rider.) I knew i had to jump early but coming out of the last corner on his wheel i couldn't come around.Teammate Andreas freund advanced all the way to the finals where he battled with Daniel Farinha . I settled for 5Th in the match sprint when i knew it would be tough considering I'm not a sprinter.The next event was the scratch race Where Daniel Farinha lit it up with a 24 lap solo to win it. I tried to bridge the gap but blew up at about halfway. No one could stop him.With the crazy scratch race done we moved on to the points race where i though i would do good but once again it was all out me just hanging on and getting lapped by Andrew Lanier as did everyone else.The specialized team showed great teamwork while they together jumped back and fourth across the gap.The last event was the best . A standing 500 tt. I knew that my 5Th place was solidified but still i thought i would try for the W and see what happened. Third off and i thought i was flying.I was less than a second off the time of Andrew Lanier and about 2 seconds off the time of Tisdell with 43.67. In the end i finished 5th overall and Andreas finished second behind Daniel Farinha.But the most amazing ride was the one done by Alexander Freund who lit up the 13-14 yr old Field winning every event and beating track star Marcus smith to claim his fourth jersey .Brain Larson came for only one event and of course won that race which was the pursuit . But 17-18s Eddie Zhang fought with Nicholas Abal for the rest of the jerseys available.

Congrats guys and what an amazing day.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Vacaville Grand Prix

One day after the fourth me and a couple of the guys headed to Vacahill GP. The course is good and the Field was large . I warmed up for 45 - 50 minutes and rode the course with the team. As we got ready to start we waited 15 some odd minutes for the all clear on the course .From the gun it was fast . We dropped more than half the Field before the halfway point in the 16 lap crit.With seven to go i found my loyal teammate Aj snoves and told him its time to move up. We got right to the front in 3 laps and set there . Two laps to go i tapped Sherpa on the shoulder to let him know that the lead out plan was a go. .On the final lap i sat 1 guy behind Aj and off to my left was Sherpa .Around the sharp u bend safe and heading to the hill i got ready to make my move to the left through the turn . coasting threw the corner all aero like some guy shots under me and clips his pedal and slides into me . He takes me and only me down with him. I maneged to fall on him like a cushion and escape with very minor scratches and scrapes.all in all Aj did well beating his old man .

That W is elusive

Friday, July 4, 2008

The 4th

So the 32ND annual 4Th of July crit was amazing . my plan was to drill it from the go.So i did and held on the front for a lap and a half . I went straight to the back and just hung on for dear life. the Jr's was ruff . We got second and third so not a bad day but awfoshow was kinda pissed about the overall situation in the end .
The 4s race was a sketch fest with wild crashes and 8 wide 30 mile an hour turns . I finished 60th due to the fact that i didnt sack up and win the damn thing cause i had 2 teammates ready to lead me out within the closing laps.

On to VacaHill

Me and my big mouth

so anyways about a previous post my tt time came out to be 24:56 so i actually lost to Zach by 20 some odd seconds .
So My bad Zach and congrats by getting 24:16 this weekand .