Friday, August 29, 2008

TT's are the worst

ever since my email was passed around i have been harassed by people about my tt abilities .with the season ending on the new Buckley course i have yet to break the 23 minute marker there .this week i was back at 24:40 on a windy but more of a suckish day.with night closing in on the race ride and tt i hope that it will haappen soon. (before im 17)

The End Is Near

with the season coming quickly to an end im in search of a win. ill be putting the cards down Sunday and Monday to see how the team will assist me .For the road race Andreas , Alex and Snoves will join me in the journey of "Done no hills road race."on Monday me and Snoves have hope of a podium and with his sprint and my final lap speed and attacks we will see how it will all unfold.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Start Of Something New

This maybe a familiar phrase to you.... yes , no ? Okay this is from high school musical and it has reminded me of how much the team and i have improved through out the season.Lets recap this year for ya. lets just get to the good stuff , Alex breaks his collar bone on a Jesse planed ride . Cody works hard with Robby to keep the race together for the team . Andreas finishes second in the field sprint getting beaten by Peter Taylor.Alex freund wins the road race 13-14s. Cody finishes 9th with Robby not far behind.Crits went well with Alex f. claiming a second title.Again Cody tries to keep the race together for a field sprint where Zach thinks he can win.Cody solos last 1.5 laps and is caught on one of the last corners and Zach gets robbed in the sprint and settles for second.Chris always finds the break but fought to hang on to Huffman wheel and dbc gets 2nd and 3rd .Alex f. gets all 3 titles this year and Andreas gets 2nd in the tt and Zach a little further down. Track districts were amazing when Again Alex F. claims another title making it four in one year . Andreas gets second and Cody gets fifth. Fourth of July ,Cody buries himself on the first lap for Alex to attack , The finish is one we shall not be reminded of .Nationals Zach tries for the crit but gets boxed in the sprint and finishes in the top 10.Alex wick gets sick and fights to stay race ready.Alex F. fishes second in the tt by one 10th of a second.and tried to go solo in the crit but failed.The road race went all right but Huffman screwed Taylor in the final part of the race.Zach getting crashed and Andreas getting pulled it was not the best of dbc races. With the season ending we have all the memories of these epic events . With most of the 17 -18 yr old guys gone it will be Zach and I representing . Next year I hope That we will have more stories to tell of even bigger battles and epic event .

Thanks for all the laughs and what a great season and we hope that will go out with a bang at Dunnigan !!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wrapping up the season

This weekend was abnormal for me. On Saturday i raced in Winters ad got 5Th but i was hopping for the podium when blunted by my teammates attack.Forcing me to sit back and let the podium spots drift away.But Sunday was the race i wanted to win .Warming up i knew my legs didn't fell super great. A few laps in I attacked and was solo for 5 laps and receiving a prime .After they caught me i worked hard to get off the front knowing i cant win a race in a field sprint.I bridged to a break that had been away for 3 laps and the guy was pretty much done but my solo bridge jump started the break.We stayed away for 3 more laps. 2 laps after they caught us i sprinted for a prime when at the last second a rider past me and took the prime.We rode 2 laps off the front and with 10 to go it was now for sure a field sprint. i kept getting jacked in the corners and couldn't hold my position.I just gave up and finished in the pack no need to crash out on the last lap mid pack.
solo with a nice gap mid race

TAPS steps to winning:
1) Stay near the front but not off the front.
2)conservation is the key
3)positioning in the final laps
Once i learn to properly execute these steps watch out for Taps in the closing laps just like i did at crit. districts .

Friday, August 15, 2008

Setting The Bar Higher & Higher

The usual Wednesday time trial was on my agenda and i brought teammate Snoves with me . As we rolled out from my house we both knew that today was not gonna be fun. The start sucked as my chain blew off and cossetted me 20 to 30 seconds .I caught Aj a mile and a half in and had all ready passed my 2 and a half minute man by the turn around .On the way back my legs weren't turning that big gear and after passing my 3 and a half minute man i sprinted to the finish.I ended up with 24:27 another PR but just shy of were i wanted to be.Aj finished strong but said he had a bad day .We all do , for instance take Cadels TT in this years tour( what a joke ).In the end it was just more miles to end the season tally .

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Masters Of The Sport

Fred , Jason E. , Jason S. , Alan , Chris , Carl , Mike , EOB , Brain , Steve N.All of these guys have made me who i am Today . All the hurt you guys put on me little body has paid off .
THANKS , your guys are truly the Masters

Double Weekend

On Saturday was a twilight crit called Carrera De San Rafael.The race started off fast with a field of 100 i was nervous. The field was destroyed on lap 1 and gaps were large.I took advantage of the situation and tried to establish a break .I took 5 guys with me and we poured on the gas .We were out in front 6 laps which felt like forever.I found Tim at front when being caught and set on his wheel . Two wheels back were Jason and Carl.I was setting good and felling great With 10 to go the field was down to just 40 some odd riders . With 3 to go i found Tim's wheel and we set comfortable in the pack . I realized that it was to fast and to late to move up anymore.I Finished 32nd and Tim finished 29th with Carl and Jason in the top 20 ( 3rd and 12th ) . The next day was Esparto a 18 mile individual time trial . The ride started off good and was surprised that my legs felt this good. On the way back the legs died and i Dropped speed .I finished 10th with a 48 time But i would have gotten 12th in the pro race but there were only 13 riders so i can only dream when i will race like those guys. All in all the weekend was good and I'm glad to here that the other juniors were showing DBC colors at Nats.