Monday, September 15, 2008

Stage 3

Wow.What a great course . A 1.3 mile circuit with a uphill and a hairpin turn.The race was fast with the help of the masters who strung it out.I sat on Bruno's wheel the entire race wile j.Hall and J.Snoves just ahead.The other Justin moved me up with 2 to go and saved me from this horrible crash.Aj wasn't so fortunate,he ran over a guys wrist and Fred was stuck behind. With 1 lap to go i was on brunos wheel with the lead out train a chugging.Last corner on the uphill with about 500 to go 2 guys jumped and the sprint we3nt shortly after.I endeed up 9th in the circuit and 4th in the GC ,3 points off 3rd.Thanks for all the help and all the support without the teams help this wouldnt have been possible. Thanks Everyone
Sincerely , TAPS (premie)

Stage 2

Stage 2 was a crit on a flat fast course.The ref. let all the juniors go early which was dumb.I set out all the rotations and held my own at the front. i saw aj 8 laps in and asked him to move up now in the top ten i found the GC leader (Joey Galloway ) and marked him the rest of the race. Aj and i went thought on the last lap 1st and 2nd wheel aj had been to close to the front for to long and had no gas and I was left to my own devices.A small gap opened up around 2 corners to go and a metro mint guy set up in front of me and we were bumping at the curb. By the time i came around i had just beat Joey "The Galloping"Galloway in the sprint for 16th . A okay day but the guy that won the crit. had gotten 7th in the tt and was not on my watch list . well now he is.Aj had a great ride and helped me move up several times when it got slow .Thanks bud.

last lap dig by Aj with me on his wheel and the eventual winner in 4th

Friday, September 12, 2008

My Dad's New Tattoo

Here it is tell me what you think?

Stage 1

The opening stage was a 10 mile tt with 3 hills or steep rollers .The ride was good at 26 on the way out with a nice cross wind.I caught my 30 second man 2.5 miles in and my 1 minute man before the turn around . the way back felt like a headwind . But photographer Mark Adkisons cheers made me want to go faster .I after passing him i felt a little sick and was spitting up bits of my junk.I finally passed my minute and a half man before the 1 mile to go sign.i finished with 24:04 for fourth place and AJ was not far behind with 24:27 using my tt helmet and front aero wheel.I think Torey took the juniors but left before the result were posted , don't blame him it was 2 and a half hours before any results were posted .Good job DBC juniors .(Pictures coming soon)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

GoodBye to our beloved coach !!

Steve is departing from the team and he has done so much for Davis junior race team.when i first rode my bike with Steve it was 15 miles a hour on the old country road which felt like forever.With his support and input i am who i am today.A loyal , strong and willing member of the DBC Junior Team.

Thanks Steve .
We'll miss you

Benicia Criterium

So i thought that this would be a day to take the sprint to Aj and give him his first Dub.Before the start Brandon Crashton and Howard showed up .with it being a 15-18 crit. i knew it would be fast .Brandon kept attacking and Howard was blocking the field. I let others chase stuff down .mid race there was a small but hard crash .A kid from Swift tried to flick Snoves to take his wheel and missed and with his momentum flung himself onto the ground and taking Snoves down with him.Snoves got back in and with one to go it slowed down with Howard out and Crashton on the front going into the hill i opened it up so Snoves didn't lose position. with 300 or 250 to go Sam Bolster went off and won the field sprint and snoves got fifth.

last time up : Snoves on my wheel mid crit :

Dunnigan hills road race

Well the race wasn't easy .Early on we set Alex off the front with two swift kids .Andreas and I began the blocking and no one was chasing. Andreas and I kept trying to cover all the moves that went up the road when Allister slipped away.Swift couldn't shut it down so Andreas attacked and was brought back and I countered and broke away.I saw a guy from swift was more than half was across and the pack wasn't chasing so i eased off and let him on but half a mile later Andreas came by me and we got on his wheel .NOW a group of three we tried to chase Allister down. on the descent we caught him and left him in the dust.Remember were 4-6 on the road the three are still away and have a 2 minute gap over us and 5 on the pack.Near the finish on the cross tailwind section we were hauling , but as we turned over the bridge we fanned out 3 wide looking at each other.Andreas lead it out and Cambell started the sprint.Andreas came around him and i finished on Andreas wheel.Alex F. took the win out sprinting the two swift boys and Andreas 4Th,I got6Th and Aj finished top ten .