Thursday, October 30, 2008

Races Are Won Here!

As Johan said,"people don't see this, this is where the races are won ,riding in the rain."And that's exactly what Staz , Zach and I did pounding it out in the rain ."Winter is always better" Zach said on the way back today soaking wet. These are the best of times !!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

winter is a comming

The weather is defiantly colder than a few days ago .Its time to bring out all the gear for the old chilly afternoons.Rolling off in Mike Sayers old team kit

Saturday, October 11, 2008

If you dont like the cold

If you hate the cold and stay inside to ride the trainers with the heater on full blast. these will allow you to ride outside with the warmth of the heater.

parker sent me this on facebook what great training gear huh?

Winter is only for the strong!

Today was the annual wheelworks Saturday race ride.Today the gruppeto was stacked. Brandon Trafton was there and so was Keith hillier from mad cat cycling team .The pace was fast in the 20 mph cross/headwind .the croup split up quick and guys were shelled like crazy.Little Alex Freund won all three sprints.the hill is where all maters and me and Keith dulled it out as he dropped me on the final steep part of the climb.I worked breaks and attacked several time to string it out for the sprint.This was winter training at its best in the cold wind blowing you from side to side.

well better now than later

Well this week i rode out to the wheel works tt with my boss Joe.Afterward the tt i rode to Zach s bike to get my school bike. on the way there i hit a double big ass pothole and swept me to the ground.not fun. fortunately Zach didn't laugh at me as i made fun of my self for crashing 3 blocks from home.