Thursday, November 27, 2008

Movie Releases

I have made 2 movies and I'm ready to release 1 real soon.The Second movie is in production and i cant wait to finish it.The first one is a unique trip to San Fran. where we skidded down steep hills and rode across the golden gate bridge . good times!The second one I'm keeping under wraps .But many Juniors are involved in the movie!Its good bonding for us as a team being on the bike but just having fun.
I'll be sure to keep you guys updated on the progress.
If you want to be involved there are many part that need to be filled .Just shoot me a comment or give me a call !
Behind the Scenes:

Crazy bikes

This is the future of cycling as we know it!!
Cool rims 20 in

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Big Chance at TOC

This year I have a unique chance to race in the tour of California stage 2 circuit in Davis . There will be a crit. in Davis where stage 2 starts this year open to juniors and women .This will hopefully bring national talent to Davis .Personally that is now a targeted race for me and the junior team.with this big of a race so early that would be a good way to kick off the season !

Riding With Pros

So Ive been riding a lot more than last year at this time and Ive had the chance to ride with a couple of pros recently.These guys are fast and we've been doing about 70 plus miles each ride up and down hills .So they aren't paid pros but they are categorized pros .Chris ,Zach and I have been riding like crazy and i can feel it.The best part is having someone to ride with threw the long cold days.Chris,Zach and I have had some good times together and thats just some of many to come with the speed we are going now !!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Beating Up Masters

Today's Wheelworks ride was cold and i was surprised to see that there was a large group of people ready to ride.The juniors were well represented with Alex w,Alex f,Zach , Andreas and I. My only goal for today was dish out as much pain to the masters as i could.DBC juniors took 1,2,4 in the first sprint. the ride to cantellow was good and a small break dangled in front of the pack.Alex and Zach set me up like Sartre from csc on the climb and i rode away with a group of 5. Near the top i was going hard and Fred had cracked and i was in the cave.I cracked right before the end and finished behind o the other three.But the mission was successful since i cracked and beat DBC master FWS .

Crazy Adventures

So Alex,Chris,Zach and I went to Rock ville park to experience some fun. The weather was cold and very very wet.Every pedal stroke threw mud into your face.We rode some sweet trails and had a lot of fun slipping and falling in the mud.We rode around for about 3 hours looking for insane trails .The rain never seemed to stop and on are way out of the park we were covered in mud with shoes full of water and formally white shorts now black.We realized when cleaning off that none of us had brought a towel and rode back muddy wet and laughing about the day.