Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jesse clinic

Man was it cold in the morning.With lots off people i didn't know there i was worried who i would get paired up with for the drills.But threw the fog i saw Bruno and knew i was now safe from sketchiness.There were a lot of fun drills that Jesse and Tyler showed us. Most of it being review and practice and other things that i didn't even think about doing,like opening the cap to your water bottle when feeding so it doesn't hit your riders hand hard and fall and so if it does fall the riders can run right over it no problem.The Sumo fight and wheel sanding was the most fun.My dad crashed twice in the grass trying to pick his bottle off the ground.there were a lot of crashes in the wet grass but threw the hysteria i stayed upright till the end of the freakin cold day!

Night ridi'n

Last night was cold and fast.There were 8 guys on the Freund Family ride so we had a nice draft.The ride was fast as usual .We hit the hill and i was on the front once again.Andreas,Roland,Alex and Doug drove the pace.I sat at the back recovering from my hard pull at the start.I got dropped once again at the final steep part .once at the top i put on my vest and head down the climb.A car was coming up the hill and i was flying past someone.I got around the car but forgot about the turn and went in to hot.I did a TDF save and rode into the gravel and stayed upright.Despite the laughter and cold face it was a good ride and would recommend it to anybody who wants to be fast.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Another day in the saddle

Today i rode for 3.5 hours with El Gigante & Staz up to steel canyon and back. The whole ride we were taking layers on and off.The weather is not great but its do able.The best part was the descent were we couldn't go fast than 40 mph before thinking about becoming a human Popsicle .I Won the Climb to Brasstown Bald and Staz dominated the downhill sprint in his 12.The ride seemed long but all in all we had a great time joking around and trying to pass the time.I wish we had a team care with heaters ,drinks and warm fresh clothes to give and take!Something like this so my pockets aren't so full i cant carry any food!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Arrrg where is there any time

This year is my junior year and its no walk in the park.In between School and work i still find time to ride my bike.To get that time in it sometimes comes in the cold package of night!I rode with Andreas and little Alex yesterday and man was it cold.I thought i was overdressed but the boys had as much clothing as me ,2 layers and knee warmers and i had shoe warmers on to.With fog every 2 minutes and the cold wind i still had fun climbing The "colte de Cantellow" at night.I cant wait for the time change so i don't have to use a light and lug it around every ride.