Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cal Aggie (DBC Domination)

Man it was cold at 8 in the morn.The junior team came out for the Cal Aggie crit with a very talented Field ready to race.At the line jokes were exchanged between my good friend Daniel f. and I. Once the bell rang it was strictly down to racing.In the past if i had to describe my riding style in two words it would have been Aggressive and off the back!This year i have changed my ways to being strong and Conservative(Patience is a better word) .I sat on Zach's wheel for the first few laps just covering early moves.I snagged a early prime to test the legs.The race would go hard then come back together so it didn't splinter out as much as i had predicted.Aj,Robby and Torey all did a fair share of work on or off the front.With about five to go i told Daniel that a break was bound to go .With 3 laps to go after Zach had scored a prime Daniels teammate rolled off the front and i jumped to his wheel .I passed him going into the s bends and opened a large gap.I put my head down and hit the gas.As i passed the line for the bell i felt as if i was gonna puke so i kept my bottle instead of tossing it to the side.I rolled down the back side and went through the s bends and saw a group of 3 closing so i jumped it hard!Going into the final sharp turn Zach yells " go Cody get on my wheel!"We have 500 to go and I'm hanging on to Zach's wheel and came around his savage lead out with 150m to go and with hands raised DBC goes 1,2,3 at the line sweeping the junior podium!We all talked about the race later and split the prizes but Aj ,Zach and I still had one more race!What i hope to be my final 4s race was sketchy ,i took care of Aj the whole race waiting for the time to set him up for the sprint.With 3 to go i moved AJ to the front and I fell back as my legs were saying "ouch !"to the 34mph tempo!Aj drifted back but finished in the back of the pack.with the day almost over i sat and watched Staz win his first Pro race then headed hometired and very happy with the teams result!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Early Bird Road Race 09

So i woke up at 4:30 and headed out the door.When we arrived it was wet and foggy.I began to get ready for my warm up and the sun was coming out.I warmed up with the Freund family and talked over the plan.My goal for the day was to get in the lead break that everybody told me about.As we rode to the start line i stripped layers and moments latter we were off.The pace wasn't real fast but there were a lot of attacks right off the back.2 riders went away early on and people got antsy.I sat near the middle of the pack with Alex F. as they eventually brought them back .As we hit the steep part of the climb the group shattered and 3 guys slipped away.I rode with the second group on the road .I rode second wheel most of the climb letting others do the work,Alex had already gotten dropped on the climb.As we made the turn around i knew it would be a wicked fast and sketch descent.I was spun out the whole time and was aero one every straight away of the descent. We were gaining ground on the lead group of 3 but no one would really dedicate to the chase.After some words (by me)people started committing to the chase .when we caught them we still had a long ways to go.(48 miles out and back)I rotated with the other guys going 2 wide through gravel and mud covered corners.We got toward the finish and i sat out the last 2 rotations to save some energy.We saw the 2 k sign and a Godspeed rider who had sat in the whole time was dangling just off the front.With 1 k to go A rider from Touchstone jumped and a mouse rider followed,I was boxed on the right behind a webcore guy.With 400m to go i nudged my way threw and sprinted my way past the mouse rider but the touchstone rider was to fast or just in a better position.I ended up in second place which puts me that much closer to my 3's upgrade.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Winter Training

lately Ive been riding with Zach and Chris and we thought we would have good weather on our next ride.But no ! our sweet little spring weather is gone and the rain was evident during are ride with Janice on Thursday.I'm just trying to be ready for the early season races and so far its looking good.Z and Chris are good training partners and without them i would be the Taps i was at the start of last season.We had fun getting muddy and racing for the koms and sprints for the first time in awhile .Well I'm racing tomorrow and i think it will rain i hope it doesn't but if it does so what .I have been told that the course suites me and i should make the lead group.We will see what happens and i may race the crit on Sunday.Good luck to all who will be out there both days!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

cross racing

Last weekend i went to Sutters landing to give Cyclocross a try.I rode three of 5 laps with the lead group and on the final lap of the C 's race me chain blew.The wicked course got me hooked and I'm planning to do one more race before it ends. The best part was that i ran my bike the whole last lap getting passed by every single rider .Cold and sandy i loved it !

San Bruno

So i woke up early and hit the rode with my dad.The trip there seemed shorter than last year but i also felt a lot stronger.I arrived to the race before reg. opened and found Mike Hernandez standing behind me.After done with reg. i saw Andreas and Alex pull up. We got on our bike with about 1.5hours till mass start.We rode for what felt like forever up a little loop 3 blocks from the start line.One side a uphill the other and down hill.We stopped riding with about 25 minutes till start to lose clothes and take a leak.I rolled to the line chatting away with good friends DanielF. and Tisdell.We got confronted by the ladies in front of us because we flew around them last year.I was wearing nothing but a base layer and arm warmers like andreas,everybody else was covered in clothing.The race started off fast and i followed the wheels going to the front.Staz sat 3rd for the majority of the climb.The mass start had most of the juniors in the group with the pro 1-2s .I got dropped from the mass ( all combined fields) lead group with 1 mile to go and could only see Andreas in front of me.I looked back to see Farinha on Tisdells wheel. We rode together with Andreas just ahead.Farinha was struggling and drifting back, but Tisdell put in a attack and dropped Farinha but i came up beside him and rode my tempo hopeing Farinha wouldn't come back.I looked back and i had dropped Tisdell as well and 2 other guys from the 3's.I rode every corner as if it was the last.Through the fog i finally found the final bend and set up after passing the line.I saw Andreas just coming to a stop and asked him how long he had been at the top.Andreas rode to victory with a 16:47 and i came in close 3rd with a 17:09 just ahead of Tisdell and Farinha .Staz rocketed up the hill with the pros and out kicked Rob Anderson For 5Th .Aj did well with a 20:33 finishing just a little behind his dad .The race was cold , fun and a good way to start the new year !