Saturday, March 14, 2009

Not much .

I haven't posted anything lately do to the fact that there was nothing interesting to tell you guys let me give you guys a update.

1)I got a new bike.Look 595 with Sram red weighing in at just about 16 pounds

2)I raced at Merco criterium where i was announced as one of the heavy hitters in the junior race,I missed the break and rode the front for 20 some odd laps trying to chase it down with no help from anyone.I did split the chase group into pieces but the ones who remained had riders in the break.

3)I also raced the 3s in the crit and road race .Both were extremely fun .I learned alot real quick about the 3s.

4)I also completed my first 1,2,3 race( 60 minutes on 1.2 mile course ) .It was so smooth.I cant wait to do another race like that.

so that's pretty much it besides hammering down on the race rides life is good.