Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wednesday Worlds

The first time ever on my TT Rig was painful.Not to mention that Zach,Chris and I walked all around downtown for hours,we all had a pretty ruff day.I put out a 24:19 only 18 seconds behind Zach and Staz delivered the best time out of the 3 of us with a 23 something .Time Trailing is painful but actually seems kinda fun.If only I could be as fast as the Freund kids.I think i may actually ride my TT bike more often now.They just look fast.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Some Footage

This was at the beginning of the 09 season
Hope you enjoy !!

Rain Drops Kept Falling On My Head

So today was the usual Aggie ride and even though it was clear when we started I knew it was bound to pour any second.With rain jacket on and about 30 people behind me we ventured off campus.The ride got fast early and i had no problems on the first sprint.The second sprint was what i was waiting for.Approaching the hill by the lake i moved up on the left and just went.I looked back and at first i saw nobody,then Judd moved out from behind my wheel and pulled through.I thought for sure i was gonna blow up and get dropped by the move I started as the group of riders past me where it beings to flatten out .As the group of 7 came towards the bridge I sat up and coasted in for 4th not even trying to out sprint those who sat on .On the final sprint back in towards campus going over the tracks I got a flat in the pouring rain and stood there with no one in sight as the lead group rolled away.I could only think about how Zach felt the last three time he got flats ,except I was soaking wet an, cold and all by myself.I hope the rain stops for this weekend,but if it did then it wouldn't be real bike racing would it ?

Sunday, April 5, 2009


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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Throw down

Today was fun as I ventured to Napa to race in the Elite 3s.I showed up ready to go for the (elusive) DUB with teammates Carl and Keith who both could out sprint me even if it was a good day.The race was fast andstrung out with people dropping pretty fast.I stayed near the front to avoid gaps and crashes .But there were crashes every lap at the front and all over the group.Every lap was a fight for survival to dodge some human bowling pins try to squeeze themselfs into a gap that obviously doesn't exist.I got to admit i did get a little bit timid after seeing all those crashes.One lap 3 guys slid out near the front ,I had no where to go except up The curb, then bunny hop off the curb and chase back on to avoid going down or getting caught up in the mess.

Keith finished 3rd and Carl crashed with four to go. I settled for a pack finish do to the fact that my small boy parts couldn't Handel the Manley testosterone being thrown down in the race.Maybe the term Sack UP Is in order!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pain City

So in Davis we have the local Tuesday ,Thursday race rides .Lots of people show up ready to race for three sprints spaced over 50 some odd miles.Being a junior i have a 52/14 and most people on the ride have 53/12's or 11's.Zach and I along with snoves and former junior (now superstar) Staz showed up ready to go .Phil mooney who rides for Metro mint cycling team (weak tro mint)shows up quiet often .Phil s only goal is to put Zach and I in the cave by making us spin are 14's at 300 rpm's(not really but at 35 + mphs it sure feels fast).Phil is a animal by any ones standards .The ride ended with Zach and I tearing the group apart (with the help of Staz and Snoves)trying to chase down the Break.Phil put so much hurt into my legs i will be living in Pain City for several days.

1)Draft him and don't pull through (he will continue to accelerate and drop you)
2)let others chase him down(No one can)
3)Pray its a off or rest day (that means under 35 but above 32 mph)
4)attack him (he will counter and take you to the suffer cave)
5) when it gets fast pretend to get a flat.
6)Phil shows no pain so don't waste efforts trying to weaken him.
7)sack up and ride your bike !!!

Good luck !!!

12 mph

The junior race at Land Park was not what i expected.A early break went and Zach made the bridge no problem.No one chased(weird ,we are juniors ,full of energy).I blocked (at 12 mph sitting on the front in the hoods getting yelled at by other juniors to speed up and chase it down ) the majority of the race and as the gap opened i hoped that Z made it all worth while.
Z got screwed over by the motor ref. in the end but what ever ,Zach will win so many big races later in the year( districts or nationals ).
The next day was Bariani road race and as normal it was super windy. I rode well ,felling good until a small gap opened in front of me on the 3rd lap and i just couldn't pedal 30mph in a head wind by myself.what ever ,who cares about non hilly road races anyways haha .Just another weekend of good bike racing !!