Thursday, February 17, 2011

Getting ready!

I'm getting ready for what should be a fun weekend in Fresno with my teammates. The weather looks to be epic and my legs feel good so we shall see how the race place outs for us.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Whats Next

Well I didn't quite have it last weekend at Cherry Pie, but that's racing for you. I am taking this week off to prepare for our team camp (part 2) which will be held in Fresno, combined with Pine flats and Cantua creek road races. I have not had the chance of doing either of these races, and I am looking forward to riding with guys in what will be our first TEAM race of this season.

After that we have two stages races (Madera & San Dimas) in March that we will be contending as a team followed by some local criteriums.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cal Aggie Crit

Well what can I say, Cal Aggie Criterium is always a blast. In the Elite 3's race I rode near the front to stay away from all the mid-pack chaos. I attacked a few times towards the end but everyone just wanted a field sprint, and would immediately chase me down. So I found Nick K. my new teammate and pulled him all the way to the front with one to go. I was just glad to finish up right, with the roads being slick and everyone wanting to win the first race of the season disaster was around every corner.

In the P1,2,3 race I once again chose to ride near the front, with hopes of sneaking into the days winning break. Early on a break of 4 got away and I was sitting on my hands just wanting to try and get across. The break was strong and Cal Giant was represented. I knew if I was to just sit back and buy my time somebody else would notice that They (Cal Giant) were blocking and that move wasn't coming back. With half the race to go I went hard trying to get across, but the attempt was short lived. The Staz was tacked right on my wheel and S-Bass and I were not gonna drag him across to the move. With only 2 laps to go I gave it another go as Hernando was just dangling off the front, hoping I could some how sneak into the top ten. But that attempt was again short lived with all the sprinters lining it up. I finished 28th overall but I am still waiting to see where I placed out of the cat 3's still left in the field shattered across Land Park.

My legs felt good and I am looking forward to Cherry Pie crit this coming weekend!