Monday, March 28, 2011

So-Cal Winning

Where do I start this post.....

Alright, so first off I guess I lost to Paul Mach in the cyclist Blog off.. But I do want to thank Rand Miller for his continued support.

But the most exciting part of my weekend was watching my teammate take the yellow jersey and overall win at San Diams stage race.

Nick Newcomb won the 3.8mile Hill Climb up Glendora mountain road by 1second. After some dangerous moves went and came back in the road race he and I were both in the lead group making the 40 man selection. A few laps later I lead him out for a bonus sprint to increase his overall lead.

Going into the final days criterium he had a 3 second Gap on second place. I rode the front at a steady tempo keeping it strung out and safe on the very narrow course.But in the closing laps Nick got caught up behind a crash, I sat up and waited for him as Alec (another teammate) Drug him to my wheel. With 2 laps to go I was drilling it in the gutter trying to get Nick back to the front, and with half a lap to go my job was done.

Nick Kept the jersey taking his first overall win of the season. It was a great weekend of racing and nothing is better than walking away with the victory.

Up next is Apple pie Where I hope to grab my final upgrade points.


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